Saturday, 6 August 2016

Benefits of cloud computing for android applications by Luke Lonergan

Cloud computing has taken the corporate sectors by storm. Perhaps you have headed the term 'cloud computing for android'. Wondering what the buzz is all about? 

Best Cloud Computing for Android Applications by Luke Lonergan

Here you go:

Almost everyone uses the smart android apps and systems these days. The flexible open source android systems lets cloud computing applications run anytime and anywhere.

With the rapidly increasing demands of the digital marketing sectors, you need to always maintain all the infrastructure at the back end.

The fusion of smart android apps and cloud computing applications allows you to access all your information and data whenever you need.

The benefits of accessing cost effective computing systems in the cloud has revamped the working styles of the big organizations. If you want your business to climb the ladder of success, turn to the cloud computing benefits as soon as possible.

If you are wondering how to access these effective applications by using android apps, your search ends here. There are ample of android apps out there which can easily help you while plugging into the cloud.

You can use Amazon cloud player to store and play mp3 tracks while using cloud drive as your hard drive.

The effective systems and applications of cloud computing have changed the definition of professional world. Many major entrepreneurs got influenced by the innovation. Many of the masterminds  are taking effective initiatives to help the corporate world work more flexibly with the benefits of cloud computing.


About Luke Lonergan


Luke Lonergan, the CEO of Big Data Developer, is one of the noble individuals who are generating multiple methods to implement the system of cloud computing in several sectors. Luke Lonergan is also very much interested in the growth of newer big data applications.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Various Avenues for the Hospitality Industry in Handling Data

The terms big data has been circling the industry of business and technology for a time now. It is also continuing to grow in popularity still. Companies have been hiring engineers, computer experts and Adam additions from all over the globe the tip the scales of balance and use the potential of big data to their advantage. This way, they will be able to handle the change and become the pioneering movements in government and society as a whole.

Big Data Concepts by Luke Lonergan

Big data is a set of algorithms that yields various formulas and numbers into much more understandable chunks to give out clearer probabilities and correlations; two of the most powerful weapons that any management team can use. As an example, this algorithm can be used to hire new recruits and learn more about their attitude for the job even before the first interview. 

On the other hand, for the different customers in society, they will be able to gain insight on the efficacy of any product that gets sold in the market. They will be able to realize the probability that some of the products may not be as high quality as the manufacturers claim to be. As a further example, let us explore the hospitality industry and build interesting statements from there.

Luke Analysis for Big Data and Cloud Computing

There are two kinds of customers for the travel and hospitality industry: those who plan months before taking vacations and those who are spontaneous enough to go on a whim. Using the second one as the basis for big data plans, this algorithm can make only a few efficient business models to help cut the costs. The big data models can help predict how the first traveler can end up spending his money and therefore make suggestions on how to save but still enjoy his vacation.

Mathematicians and computer scientists will be able to create various algorithms that give rise to a variety of artificial intelligence with a high amount of e-learning capacities to figure out probabilities. With these programs, computer personnel will be able to study the probabilities and correlations between variously related parameters.

As an example, scientists and mathematicians have developed algorithms that will be able to predict most of the travel patterns of many customers, which can help them plan out the vacation quite efficiently with minimal payments. Because of these automated business models, computer experts and scientists will be able to suggest, which airlines to take and which hotels to stay in to save more cash in the future. 

Big data uses scores of information and statistics to suggest a much more efficient output for any course of action. Nowadays, there is a vast amount of data, which can help the big data program analyze the value of people in the company by the use of computer applications.

About Luke Lonergan

Luke Lonergan is the co-founder of Greenplum and a renowned industrialist in the field of Big Data and Cloud computing. Luke Lonergan lives in San Francisco currently.

Friday, 8 January 2016


Luke Lonergan, a technology lover and founder of a DBMS company found this video very interesting to share. Every technology lover must love this video.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

About Luke Lonergan

Mr. Luke Lonergan is the Co-Founder of Greenplum, Inc. and serves as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President. He serves as an Advisor at AlpacaDB, Inc. Prior to Greenplum, Mr. Lonergan founded Didera in 2000 and served as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. His background includes 16 years of management experience in computing technology ranging from innovations in supercomputing to advances in medical imaging systems.

Prior to Greenplum, Luke Lonergan founded Didera, a database clustering company, in 2000 and served as CEO and Chairman. Luke's background includes 16 years of management experience in computing technology ranging from innovations in supercomputing to advances in medical imaging systems. Most recently, he directed data center integration at High Performance Technologies Inc (HPTi), scaling the business to $30M, and setting industry firsts in parallel computing subsequently adopted by IBM and Compaq. Previously he held management positions at Northrop Grumman Corporation. He holds an M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University and a B.E. in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Ancient Coins as Collection

Collecting coins is so much fun! It is both a hobby and a source of income for many. One type of coin that you may want to consider collecting is ancient coins. Many collectors hesitate to buy ancient coins to collect because they can be terribly expensive. What is most important is the uniqueness of these coins and the benefits they provide their collectors.

Here are some tips that should be considered when buying ancient coins:

1. Conduct a research of ancient coins. It is important that a collector is aware of what coins are considered ancient. It does not require a collector to go to a library since many websites on the Internet can provide all the information needed to become well-informed about ancient coins.

2. There is a wide variety of ancient coins available for collectors. A collector can choose from different eras and civilizations. He can choose from a Chinese civilization, ancient Rome, Greek, Persian, etc. It is preferable for a collector to focus on a specific group or era when collecting coins.

3. Once a selection has been made, a collector may then focus on the buying of these coins. To start select coins that are least expensive –set a price range such as $20. Once the collection grows, he may then want to start buying the more expensive coins.

4. A collector may also try searching for ancient coins at auction houses or online auctions where ancient coins are available.  Always be aware of possible fraud no matter which venue you are using and take extra care in buying coins at online auctions.

5. It is also suggested that the collector make a list of the ancient coins that he would like to buy. He can list them according to his order of preference which will make his search for ancient coins an easier task.  Included on his list should be the amount he is willing to spend on a certain type of coin. The list will be helpful whether online or at an auction house, enabling him to manage his budget easily.

6. It is important to have a separate holder for his ancient coin collection or his other collections. Separate holders will help the collector organize and preserve his coins. Ancient coins are generally more expensive than other collectible coins so it is necessary for a collector to know the proper care for them.

Ancient coins should not intimidate coin collectors. They are an exciting way to enjoy the hobby of collecting coins.  Not only do they provide fun but they serve as a source of knowledge for many coin collectors.